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Hello, we’re Polarstern. Your energy provider. Together we’re changing the world with energy.

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Polarstern is a fixed star in the energy market.

Everything that we rack our brains and rend our hearts about, everything that we’re able to offer and develop – it’s all toward the goal of really enabling everyone to enjoy the best energy transformation possible. We’re bringing the energy transformation to people directly, into their cities and homes, promoting the energy transformation on the streets as well, and working together with others to bring a greater orientation toward the common good into the economy. Our customers, partners and friends are helping. And you can, too! Changing the world with energy. Really.

Person hält Grüner Strom Siegel hoch

Awards and certificates.

Wirklich Ökostrom and Wirklich Ökogas from Polarstern are certified by TÜV Nord and the Grüner Strom-Label, and recommended by many including the consumer platform EcoTopTen of the Öko-Institut and the environmental organisation Robin Wood. The renowned magazine ÖkoTest recommends Polarstern’s Wirklich Ökostrom. Customers are Really satisfied as well, rating Polarstern as the most customer-friendly energy provider in Germany via the customer feedback company eKomi. In 2023, Polarstern was voted ‘Most Innovative Company in Germany’ for the sixth time, for which the business magazine Capital along with Statista surveyed over 3,500 industry experts.


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Private customers, please call: 089 309 042 911.

Business customers, please reach us at: 089 309 042 92 88.

Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Local rates apply from land lines.

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WhatsApp, Signal, SMS or iMessage, always at 017643546221. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Really better energy for all.

Changing the world with energy – that’s what drives Polarstern and has enabled us to stimulate the market again and again – always with 100% renewable energy sources and a pinch extra of change.

Wasserkraftwerk Feldkirchen von oben

Wirklich Ökostrom.

100% German run-of-river and sun power at really fair terms and with an extra mile of change. That’s Wirklich Ökostrom. With Polarstern, you’re promoting the energy transformation more consistently than with other providers. Worldwide.

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Wirklich Ökogas.

It comes in three flavours: Wirklich Ökogas Klassik, Wirklich Ökogas vegan and Wirklich Ökogas GEG. Always from 100% biogas. TÜV certified and number 1 in the Utopia best list. It doesn’t get any more sustainable. Really.

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Rohre von Gaskraftwerk
Ladekabel am Elektroauto

Climate-friendly vroom: Autostrom.

Electric cars need green electricity. That makes them into really cool vehicles. Then, namely, they really are climate-friendly to drive. Different rates apply depending on the charging setup.

An old, new classic: Heizstrom.

In the past there were a lot of night storage heaters, of which only a few remain. Heat pumps are more common today. These are much more efficient, but they also need electricity. Choose the right source.

Wärmepumpe vor Hauswand
Hausdach mit Photovoltaikanlage

The perfect complement to your solar power: Wirklich Eigenstrom.

When you supply your own solar power and electricity storage, then Wirklich Eigenstrom is the icing on the cake: If you need more electricity than you produce, you buy 100% green electricity. Billing is based on consumption only, no basic fee.

Special projects: Wirklich Mieterstrom.

We turn apartment buildings of all kinds into small eco-power plants. With PV systems, cogeneration units, heat pumps, electric charging stations, etc. Tenants use the locally produced energy, and everyone benefits: Building owners, landlords, tenants and of course the environment.

Photovoltaikanlage auf Luitpoldblock

Our attitude: The economy is for everyone.

Maybe you’ve already heard: Polarstern was founded as a Social Business and has been part of the Common Good economy since 2016. And a Benefit Corporation, B Corp, since 2023. That means we want to change the economy as a whole, not just the energy market. Led not just by financial figures, but by values. Acting in such a way that gives as much weight to ecological and social aspects as to economic considerations and goals. For us, money is an economic means for enabling a good life – not an end in itself. We’re right along with Aristotle here. But interpreted for today.

Polarstern Teambild

Please note: The switching process itself is in German; no documents will be sent in English. Of course, if you have any questions you can always contact us. We speak English.

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